Summer is here.

30 05 2011




Rags To Riches

24 05 2011

I noticed on my lunch break that this homeless man was sitting on the corner of 18th and M street. Now, if you’re familiar with DC then you’ll know that there is a plethora of homeless folks that wander through that area.

This particular day as I was walking back to work, a couple in a brand new Maserati pull up and get out of the car, stepping over the homeless man and continuing on with their day. I was so taken aback by it at first that I was confused by what went on. But the visual of the scenario made for even more compelling work. So I pulled out my iPhone, and took a photo.

So Someone Stole My Domain Name

24 05 2011

Thank you to whomever took, especially since you’re squatting on it.


New Orleans Part One

24 10 2010

This weekend I had the chance to shoot a wedding in Jeanerette, Louisiana.

I managed to get away to New Orleans for the day :

JazzyLady Next Generation Musicians
Bourbon St
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Child’s Play

13 09 2010

The good friends at DCtoBC and DYDC/ConArtistsGuild were kind enough to invite me to their first annual “Child’s Play: A Field Day For Adults”, it featured the who’s who in young talent in DC.

IMG_9680 copy

IMG_9684 copy

IMG_9694 copy

IMG_9642 copy



IMG_9646 copy

IMG_9648 copy

IMG_9656 copy

IMG_9709 copy

IMG_9719 copy

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PS : Making a major lifestyle change in a few weeks, more work to be had!


Rock The Bells 2010: Captured

30 08 2010
Ms. Lauryn Hill


Young Dirty KRS-One

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RTB 2010

26 08 2010